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Yolo County Arrest Records

Arrest logs or records are your main source of information if you are interested in looking for a person’s criminal history. Although arrest reports do not constitute that the arrested person was convicted of a crime or a criminal charge was filed against them, this is the first step that you can take to know if the person has had any brush with the law. Normally these arrest reports are available from the police department of the city who made the arrest or if you are searching for several individuals, you can also try out the Sheriff’s Office. Almost all criminal reports or documents from each city are submitted to the Sheriff so you can request for information pertaining to the arrested person by contacting the Sheriff. If you happened to be in Yolo County arrest records are also available from the website of the Office. Simply click the Booking Statistics to get a month’s booking of the unincorporated areas. Additionally you may also visit the Sheriff’s Office and search the Press Board in the Monroe Detention Center lobby for the past week’s arrest records.

Yolo County Arrest Records

Aside from this service, one way to receive up-to-date information on the inmate is to register for the VINE Link System which provides crime victims the ability to search for their perpetrators and to notify them in case the offender’s status changes. If the arrest resulted to a case filed under the court, you have to check the Superior Court website or the municipal/city court that has jurisdiction over the case. The Superior Court provides an online index where one can search for court cases in the County. One may also request the court for copies of the case by visiting the Recorder’s Office.

Aside from these options, another way that you might be able to obtain arrest reports is to contact one of the public search record providers in the internet especially if you need the documents urgently. They can provide you with comprehensive info on the offender that you are interested in. Some sites also offer basic searches for free so you can try this out first and later on pay if the basic report suits you.

Yolo County Arrest Log

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Yolo County Sheriff Arrests

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