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Ventura County Arrest Records

The Ventura County Sheriff office is your first stop if you or someone you know was arrested in the county. It is also the first place for you to check for offenders who are currently in custody. To inquire if a person is currently in custody; one should click on the inmate inquiry and input the necessary information such as the birth date and offender’s full name. Aside from the online search option, one may also visit the Sheriff Office for more information on Ventura County arrest records that are not available online. Other services that one may also use from the website include the Victim Notification services for those victims of crime that are interested to receive a notification should the offender be in one of the registered addresses that the victim has included during registration. The Most Wanted Database also provides information on some of the notorious offenders in the county and is useful as it also includes a photo of the offender making it easier to recognize the said individual.

Ventura County Arrest Records

Aside from the Sheriff’s Office, one more place that one can check for information is the court that has jurisdiction over the case. The Superior Court of Ventura County provides an online database where court cases may be looked up by the public. For municipal court records, cases that date back to 1989 are accessible and Superior Court cases from 1995. If the cases are not available from the database such as those that date back prior to the said years, the researchers may contact the Records Department for more information on the said case. The search service is free; however, for those that take longer than 10 minutes, these will cost one $10.00.

If the places mentioned above are not accessible to you or in-person request is difficult, another option that you might want to consider is to check for services online that offer public record searches. The internet is an excellent place to help you reach hundreds of public record search providers of which some offer free basic searches as well. Contact one nearest you or one that provides professional services which offers you value for your money.

Ventura County Arrest Log

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Ventura County Sheriff Arrests

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