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Tuolumne County Arrest Records

If you happen to be looking for information on a recent incident, or have recently transferred in Tuolumne, then you have to make sure that the place is safe and your security is not compromised. One way to do so is to check for crimes that happened in the area. You can see this by visiting the County Sheriff website where a “crime graphics” database is made available to the public. This online database contains Tuolumne county arrest records as well as other incidents that happened across the county. You can click the Arrest link where you can see the arrests made by the Office in a given period that you can indicate in the search bar. If you know the person that was arrested, you may also place his last name or part of his name in the search bar to check for results with that particular name.


Tuolumne County Arrest Records


Once one clicks on the arrest link, one will see several offenders with the date, location of the arrest, action made, case number, charges, basic details as well as a picture of the offender. Although the information is brief, this can be useful in your search especially the case number should you want to visit or contact the Sheriff office for an in-depth report. The case number may also be useful should the arrest progress to an actual court case. Do bear in mind though that the arrest does not constitute that the person is guilty or has been convicted and as such contacting the Sheriff Office to confirm if the offender is in custody or has been convicted is prudent.

Aside from the Sheriff Office, you may also contact the County Jail or the Court where the offender is incarcerated or the court that has jurisdiction of the case. Correctional facilities may also have online search database that you can use or contact the facility to request for information. The court also has an online search database for you to do a case index search or if you want a more direct approach, you may also visit the Clerk Recorder office for more information. Additionally, for a hassle-free search, you may also contact one of the public records search providers online to help you filter out information that you have come across or let them do the search for you. Although it might cost you, it can also be a time saver and more accurate way of searching for public records.

Tuolumne County Arrest Log

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Tuolumne County Sheriff Arrests

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