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Tulare County Arrest Records

Arrest records are important sources of data if you are interested to know why a person was arrested. More often than not, the report would include a brief summary of the incident, the charges that were filed, the parties involved, the respondent as well as the bail amount if there was a case filed. If you or one of the persons you know has been arrested in Tulare County arrest records may be obtained from the law enforcement agency that made the arrest or from the Sheriff Department. In some instances, you can view the info in the police’s website under the police arrest or police logs, sheriff daily logs or booking activities. Almost all counties’ law enforcement agencies keep the information posted in the website for a week, although some, like the sheriff Department would compile those records into monthly or yearly basis which can normally be downloaded from the site. In case the files are no longer available from the website, you can also visit the police or sheriff’s office to request for the report that you might need.


Tulare County Arrest Records


To make a request from the Sheriff Department, you can visit the Records Unit Window during business hours to make your request known. Do note that the arrest reports you might find online might not contain all the info that you need, so visiting the Record’s Division is the best way to obtain the data that you might need. Additionally, you may also visit the County Jail or correctional facility if the person that was arrested was convicted of the crime. You can check the Who is in Custody to know if the convicted person is currently in the correctional facility.

You can also obtain information of the case by requesting it through mail, phone or in person from the Tulare Superior Court Judicial Admin Records Division. For specific cases, you should contact the division that has jurisdiction of the case. Copies for the specific record are at $0.10/page and must be paid in advance. Another way to obtain comprehensive records is by contacting commercial third party providers who offer record searches online.This is the easiest and most hassle-free way to gather data for whatever purposes.

Tulare County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:

To request for court records, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Tulare Superior Court website.
  • Check the contact info – mail, email, in person or telephone request are accepted.
  • Pay the associated fee in advance or as required.

Tulare County Sheriff Arrests

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