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Trinity County Arrest Records

A background check is important especially if it has something to do with your security. The local government where you have lived at provides you the necessary resources that you need. IT should be easy for everyone to run a search for the law backs you up for the said purpose. The first thing that you ought to do is to check your local police department and inquire if the person has ever been arrested. Trinity county arrest records are also available from the Sheriff’s Office and can help you out if the person has been arrested in other areas of the county.

More often than not, the police department has an online database where you can view the persons arrested in the area. If the name is not in the database but you believe that the person was arrested there, you can contact or visit the police department in person and inquire about the records. This is the same step that you should take if you visit the sheriff site and find no information about the person but believe that an arrest was made.


Trinity County Arrest Records


If you know that the person was already convicted, then you can approach the Superior Court or the court that has jurisdiction over the case or the correctional facility where the person was incarcerated. You can look for the clerk recorder office and inquire about the case or visit the correctional facility to request for the said information. Some records are restricted from the public if the case is currently undergoing court proceedings, involve juveniles and contain confidential information. Some also do not allow the release of court cases if the requestor is not one of the involved parties. In this case, another option that is open to requester is to seek the help of third party search providers or visit the State’s Department of Justice or the Department of Correctional and Rehabilitation.

The two government offices have overall jurisdiction over the county and a centralized criminal database that you can access online. All of the records in the database are uploaded from each county and as such can be helpful to your search. For those who will be seeking the help of third party search providers, they can also choose one from several offering their services online. It might be a bit expensive however, it will save you time from going from one place to another.

Trinity County Arrest Log

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Trinity County Sheriff Arrests

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