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Tehama County Arrest Records

If you are in Tehama and are interested in looking for criminal reports, the first thing that you ought to do is to visit the local police department and that would be the Red Bluff Police Department. The Police Department has an online database if you want to look for accident or police report. You can input the Record ID as well as the arrested person’s last name and the date when the incident happened. In case you are interested in examining Tehama county arrest records not in Red Bluff, then the Sheriff’s Office is the place to go. Visit the Records Division of the Sheriff’s Office if you want to examine bookings, police logs, investigative reports as well as other records requests. You can also view current inmate information in the county jail by visiting the online database of the Sheriff’s office.

Tehama County Arrest Records

Aside from the Sheriff and Police Department, another place to inquire with is the Superior Court of the Tehama County. This is the place where you should go to if the arrest progresses to an actual case. You can visit the clerk recorder office to request for a record or you can also use the online case index search form which allows you to do an exact match search term or by case. Aside from these, you can also do a by name or date search or case type. Do note that the information you might obtain from the online search may not be complete and as such you should also contact the recorder’s office to confirm the details you obtain online.

The jail facility is another place you can visit if the person you are looking for has been convicted. You can contact the correctional facility and inquire about records request or inmate information if the inmate is currently in custody in the correctional facility. Some records maybe restricted to the public and if the record you are looking for is restricted, you can visit the correctional facility and inquire about the steps you should do to obtain the said records.

If on the other hand, you are concerned with time and are quite busy, you can also contact one of the commercial search providers online who would be able to help you with your record search. They charge for the search; however, most only charge a minimal amount.

Tehama County Arrest Log

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Tehama County Sheriff Arrests

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