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Stanislaus County Arrest Records

If you are looking for Stanislaus county arrest records, then the first place that you have to visit is the Sheriff’s Department Records Division. The office provides access and services record requests in the county specifically for criminal records, crime or incident, LiveScan of fingerprints as well as gun permits. To be able to make an arrest record request, the person must be the subject of the record. Simply present a valid Identification and fill up an application to examine the arrest record and pay the corresponding fee of $25. For those who wish to obtain a more comprehensive report, they may visit the Justice Department to request for one. Aside from the arrest report, you may also request for a crime/incident report for $5.00 for the first four pages and additional $1.00 after the first four pages. Fill up the Application for Release Information to start the processing. Records Clearance and Incarceration are also available.

Stanislaus County Arrest Records

The Stanislaus County Adult Detention Facilities is another government agency that you can go to in the instance that you are not the subject of the report; you can click the online “Who’s In Jail Report” from the website. The online search tool allows one to view inmates currently in custody in the County‚Äôs Men Jail, the Public Safety Center as well as those who were held in the Unit 1 and Unit 2 facilities. You must have a PDF Reader to be able to access the In Custody Report. Aside from the said report, you may also check the persons who were considered as Most Wanted Individuals in the county, missing persons as well as unsolved cases. A sex offender locator is also made available for those who are interested in looking for sex offenders in their area. If you are a crime victim, the VINE Link or Victim Notification Service is useful as it notifies you if the offender is in your area.

Visiting the Court Recorder office of the Court where the case is under jurisdiction is also effective if you are searching for criminal records or want to do a background check on a certain individual. The court has an online index that you can use to search for the court case you want to examine. Commercial search providers can also be useful in your search if you want a more comprehensive and detailed report without having to visit or contact any of the government offices mentioned above.

Stanislaus County Arrest Log

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Stanislaus County Sheriff Arrests

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