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Siskiyou County Arrest Records

Executing a criminal background check is important, not only for your safety but for the safety of your family and business as well. With that said, the first place to look for criminal reports is with the local police department or your own Sheriff’s office. More often than not, if the person was arrested, you can get a copy of the arrest report or make a request for one. Siskiyou county arrest records are available from the Sheriff’s Office. You can obtain the report via in-person or accessing the In Custody Information search tool provided through the Sheriff’s website. If you will be accessing it through online, you need to have MS Silverlight installed in your computer to be able to access the database. If you do not have one installed, you can download it from the site free.

Siskiyou County Arrest Records

Aside from the Sheriff’s office you can also get Siskiyou county arrest records, from the county jail where the inmate is currently incarcerated. This is especially useful if the arrest progress to an actual court case. You may also visit the Superior court or the District Attorney especially if the case contains sensitive information or is still in active court investigation.

If the arrest records do not contain enough information, you can request for criminal records or do background checks on the inmate. The Sheriff office can provide you a background check document if the record is considered as public records. As most reports that locals have contains arrests made in their jurisdiction, chances are, the record will not include any other criminal reports that the inmate have done outside of the State. If you want a more comprehensive report, you can also check the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation online offender search tool or the Department of Justice webpage and request for background checks. Third party search providers are also available for those who want to request for a comprehensive public records search. Some offer free basic search although a nominal fee may be charge for a complete record search request.

Siskiyou County Arrest Log

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