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Sierra County Arrest Records

If you are interested in searching for crime information on a particular area of Sierra County, you might find the Sheriff’s Public Log to be useful to your quest. The log contains all the activities that the Sheriff office has responded to for that particular day. Aside from the public log, you can also contact the Sheriff if the information you are requesting is not available online. In the instance that the reports have already resulted to conviction or a case is file against the arrested person, one can visit the court or the County District Attorney to request for the said records. Sierra county arrest records though may also be available from the local police department who made the arrest as well as the correctional facility where the inmate is currently in-custody.

Siera County Arrest Records

To request for crime reports, do note that although they are considered as public records, some reports are not available from the Sheriff’s office such as active criminal cases where the case is still under investigation, under review of the District Attorney and those cases that are still undergoing active court action. Cases that are considered as closed or non-criminal are available and can be requested by the public. Court cases considered as public records may also be requested from the court where the case was filed. One can also visit the court’s website to find more information pertaining to request of court documents.

Aside from Sierra county arrest records, one may also check out the correctional facility where the inmate is currently in custody. One can use the Inmate Lookup tool of the facility to check for inmates in the facility. The tool checks the correctional database and search for persons or inmates that matches the information that the researcher provided such as the booking date, the inmate’s full name and the ID number if available. Aside from inmates, one may also search for sex offenders in their area by accessing the Sex Offender Search. This is especially useful for those who have kids or alone as it would help them be aware that a sex offender lives near their block and prepare themselves. For other searches or public records, you can also check online services that offer public records search.

Sierra County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:
Via the Sheriff Office

  • Visit the Sierra County Sheriff Office
  • Check the Public Log if the person you are interested in was arrested
  • Contact the Sheriff Department for more information

Via the Court

Sierra County Sheriff Arrests

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