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Shasta County Arrest Records

The County of Shasta makes access to records easy by providing an online database for those who are interested in looking for individuals who were arrested in the county. By visiting the County Sheriff website, one can do an “in-custody search” or click the “offender watch” to see the county’s database of offenders. A Daily log is also made available to help researchers check if a person they know was arrested by any of the law enforcement agencies in the County.In case you are interested in obtaining the said records, you may visit the Records Unit of the Sheriff’s Office and submit a Records Request Form. The form may be downloaded from the website; simply choose the appropriate form to download.

For those who are interested in obtaining Shasta County arrest records, they need to request for a subpoena to be able to get copies of the reports. Records are generally released to those considered by the State as interested parties under the California Government Code Sec. 6254. Some records may also be released if a court order was issued. Parents who wish to obtain copies of incident report(s) of their kids can only receive one if the kid is below 18 years of age. For those who are above the legal age, parents should petition the Juvenile court for the copies.

Shasta County Arrest Records

In case the arrest report is not available from the Sheriff’s Office, you can also check out the Inmate Locator link in the site which redirects you to the State’s Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Inmate Locator online database. You can do a search by name or by the inmate’s number. The search will provide the researcher inmates that are currently incarcerated in one of the State’s correctional facilities. Do note that newly incarcerated prisoners or transferred inmate’s bio will not be available for several days; however, one can contact the Identification Unit of the Correctional Facility to seek some help. You may also visit or contact one of the third party search providers online that offer criminal records search. This is the most effective and time efficient way to look for inmates or arrest reports especially for those who are unfamiliar with how to request or where to request for the said information.

Shasta County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:

How to request for a report:

Shasta County Sheriff Arrests

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