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Santa Cruz County Arrest Records

It is not unusual for one to request an arrest record or report especially if they are involved in the incident. In most cases, the records are readily available from the arresting agency that made the arrest although some reports may be considered as confidential, and then one has to make use of other ways to be able to obtain these records. With that said, one has to visit these government agencies to make their request. Arrest records contain brief summary that were written down during an incident and includes not only what happened, but it also includes information on the person arrested as well as information on the victims. Arrest records are normally published in the law enforcement agency’s website and can normally be found in the police logs or booking logs. Some reports may be found in the press release or media section of the website as well.

If you live in Santa Cruz County, the Santa Cruz county arrest records may be obtained from the Santa Cruz Police Department as well as with the Sheriff’s Office. An arrest log containing 10 days of arrest and booking are available from the Sheriff’s website. The public arrest report contains booking number, case number; charges filed, arrested person’s basic info as well as bonds and released date. For records no longer in the site, one may contact the Sheriff office Records Division.

Santa Cruz County Arrest Records

Another way to request for the records is by clicking on the Jail Inmate Locator link which is available from the Sheriff’s website. One must have Microsoft Silverlight installed in order to search for the inmates currently in the Jail facility. Aside from the inmate locator search tool, one can also check out the crime statistics links to view the crime activities happening in the county. Some inmate locators may only contain information of arrest made in the county and not state-wide. If you are interested in viewing all criminal records, you may also visit the inmate locator search tool available from the State of California Corrections and Rehabilitation Facility. The Government of Canada provide the said services for those who are interested in checking an inmate’s status. One may also access the Federal Bureau of Prisons for inmates who are currently incarcerated in the federal prison.

Santa Cruz County Arrest Log

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Santa Cruz County Sheriff Arrests

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