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Santa Clara County Arrest Records

If you recently move in to Santa Clara County or thinking about relocating then it is important to check the county’s crime statistics report to ensure safety of your family. The first place you can check out is the Police Department. Most of the law enforcement agencies in the State update their website to contain the latest police arrest or bookings. This can be especially useful for those who have small children. For those who got arrested, Santa Clara county arrest records may also be obtained from the agency. These arrest records contain a summary of the incident, parties involved as well as the respondent to the case. Having an arrest record however does not automatically mean that the person got convicted or if there are actual criminal charges filed against the said person.

Santa Clara County Arrest Records

The Sheriff’s Records unit can also help you if you are interested in checking for informal bookings or persons arrested in the county and want to request for a report release. One however needs to be involved or one of the parties to the incident before they are allowed to request for the report. All record requests are reviewed before being released. The record request is free however request in other media forms cost $5.00. Aside from incident report, one may also request their local criminal records with the sheriff’s department.

With that said, you can visit another government agency if you are interested in an arrest where the arrested person was convicted of the charges filed against him. One can visit the Department of Correction as well as the Superior Court of the County Records Division to request for record copies. The Department of Correction also has an online inmate search portal so one can input the inmate information and start their search. The Superior Court on the other hand has an online criminal case index for those who wish to retrieve court records under the jurisdiction of the court. If the information provided in the following government agencies are not enough or you do not have time, then you might want to purchase public records search provided by third party search provider. This is the most convenient way to retrieve documents without leaving the comfort one one’s home.

Santa Clara County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:

  • Visit the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections
  • Search type – CEN, PFN, by Name
  • Indicate Booking Date or Date of Birth
  • Click “search” to begin

Santa Clara County Sheriff Arrests

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