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Santa Barbara County Arrest Records

If you live in Santa Barbara or are interested in viewing crime reports, you can do so by visiting the official government website where one can view the “crime activity reports” of each area in the county. The city is divided into 6 districts and depending on the arresting agency that has made the arrest, check out the service. Reports that have been taken during the incident by the police are called offense reports or general offense reportsand can be viewed by clicking the “history of all GO reports” link. Aside from this service, one can also request for a police report from the police department. Requester must be an authorized person for the request to be processed. Fill out the Request for Report form; attach a certification, copy of any government-issued ID and check for processing fee.

Aside from the Police Department, one may also request for Santa Barbara county arrest records by visiting the Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s website is updated with the latest arrests made in the county. To see the latest arrest or activities, click the News tab in the website. The link will redirect you to the daily activity log of the office. The Sheriff’s Office also has jurisdiction over the county jail where bookings were made for several law enforcement agencies.

Santa Barbara County Arrest Records

The Superior Court also provides an excellent place for one to do research especially if a person’s arrest resulted to an actual conviction of the arrested individual. There are 3 courts that you can try visiting for an inmate’s case report – Santa Barbara Superior Court, Santa Maria Superior Court of the Lompoc Superior Court. If the person’s records are available from the Santa Barbara Superior Court, requester may mail, e-mail or visit the Records division for their request(s). Mail requests should include the case number, parties to the case, requester’s billing information. Cost for each page is $0.50 for mail/e-mail request, $1.00 for fax and $25.00 with $.50 per certified page. Aside from these government channels, one may also consider engaging the services of third party search providers who can also do records retrieval services which is an excellent option for those who make background checks.

Santa Barbara County Arrest Log

To view a history of all offense reports from the police department, follow the steps below:

To request for police report, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Santa Barbara Police Department.
  • Download Request for Report Form.
  • Include a certification of authorization.
  • Include photocopy of any government-issued ID.
  • Include cash or check, if mail, leave the check blank.
  • Send the request via mail, fax or in-person to the Santa Barbara Police Department Records Bureau.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Arrests

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