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San Luis Obispo County Arrest Records

There are three ways that one can check if a person has ever been arrested in the County of San Luis Obispo – by visiting the Sheriff’s Office, the Police Department or contacting the County Clerk Office. There are several requirements as well as steps that one must take if ever they are interested in obtaining a copy of arrest records. If one is interested in obtaining one through the Sheriff’s Office, they can first visit the website of the agency and click the “Who is in Custody” link. The link will open in a new window where one can input the last and first names of the person they are interested in. One can also contact the office during office hours and provide the name of the person one believes to be in the custody of the Office. It would be best to contact the office three to four hours after the arrest was made as it would take the arresting agency some time to transport the arrested person to the jail facility.

A police report can also be helpful if you are looking for San Obispo County arrest records if the arresting agency happens to be the police as it is much faster and easier than contacting the Sheriff’s Office. To request for a police report, one should bring a valid ID and provide the Records Clerk with the case number as well as the payment for the record request. Cost differs thus it would be best to talk with one of the Records Clerks to help you out. If you happen to live out of town, you may call the office and ask if the record is available and if you can request for one. Prepare a cover letter with your request and include a copy of your valid ID and a check with the total cost of the record request.

San Luis Obispo Arrest Records



If a charge was filed against a person, one also has the option to visit the Clerk Office to request for court information on the particular person. The court provides an online Official Records Search portal that one can use to search for court documents. One can search by document, by name or by the type of document. Contact the Court Clerk if you need further assistance. Another way to obtain arrest records is to contact one of the third party search providers online who can assist you with your record request.

San Luis Obispo County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:
Via the Sheriff’s Office:

  • Visit the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff
  • Click the Who is in Custody Link
  • Fill in the last and first name of the person.
  • Click the Look up button to start the search.

Via the Court Clerk Office:

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Arrests

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