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San Francisco County Arrest Records

Getting arrested or having someone you know get arrested is daunting; however, knowing the reason for the arrest is crucial. That is why requesting for a police report or arrest record is vital. Having an arrest record does not mean that the person is guilty of the crime or incident and should not be the sole basis in case you are thinking of applying for a job or know someone who has a record. In San Francisco county arrest records are available from several government channels as well as the arresting agency that made the arrest.

One of the arresting agencies that one can approach is the San Francisco Police Department. In order to request for the police report, download the form available online or visit one of the police stations in your area and request for the form. One can also visit the Records Bureau section of the Department to make a request in person. Present a valid identification for the Bureau to process your request. Obtaining a personal copy of the police report is free of charge.Another place that one can visit or contact is the County Jail #1 – Intake and Release Center. The jail facility is under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Sheriff Department and the one who is in charge of all the booking and release of individuals that are arrested in the county.

San Francisco County Arrest Records

For those who are interested in getting a copy of their criminal history,they may approach the Police Department to make their request in person. Mail requests are also accepted; however, one should have the form notarized. For third party request, the notarized document must also include a statement stating that the criminal report is to be released to a third party. Include information about the person making the request. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the request. For those who are interested in doing bulk records search or are interested in obtaining arrest records but are unaware on how to do it, they can check out commercial vendors that provide such services online. Some online search sites provide basic information. For a more comprehensive report, processing fee might be requested.

San Francisco County Arrest Log

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San Francisco County Sheriff Arrests

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