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San Diego County Arrest Records

In San Diego County arrest records are available from the Records and Identification Division of the San Diego County Sheriff Department. Arrest and accident reports can be requested from the office by those individuals or parties that have tangible interest on the records and those that are eligible under the California Government Code Section 6254. For those who are interested in obtaining a copy of the arrest documents, they have to request the court for a subpoena or obtain a court order for the Division to release the documents. Generally, the department maintains records for seven years although records that are unsolved are kept longer by the department. To make a request, one can send a written request or download the Service Request Form and send the form to the Records Division. Victims of crime who request for their first copy are free; however for others, $20.00 is charged per copy.

On the other hand, for those who are interested and want to know if their loved ones or an individual is currently booked in the county jail, the sheriff’s office provides an online resource portal that the public can use to search for inmates currently in custody. To make a search, indicate the inmate’s name and click the Lookup button to begin the search. The site also provides an online search tool for those individuals who want to know if a person has an outstanding arrest warrant issued under their name.

San Diego County Arrest Records

Those who are interested in obtaining their local criminal history record may also apply with the Records Division. Local criminal records cost $14.00 and must be enclosed with the request form. A local record only applies to the arrest made within the jurisdiction of the San Diego County Sheriff. Requests of records of arrests made outside the jurisdiction of the Sheriff should be filed with the arresting agency and, for state criminal history record, one must contact the California Department of Justice. Aside from these services, the Sheriff also provides a crime statistic and mapping which can be useful for those individuals who are doing research. The report provides the public a general overview of the crimes that were committed in the county per year.

San Diego County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in checking if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:
Via the Sheriff’s Department

Via Online Lookup of Inmate

San Diego County Sheriff Arrests

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