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San Bernardino County Arrest Records

If you happen to be interested in finding out if an individual got arrested or not, then you have to first approach the arresting agency that possibly made the arrest. Most arresting agencies will post the arrests or booking logs in their website and keep it posted for at least a week before removing the reports form their website. If the arrest is not made available online or is no longer current, one can contact the arresting agency to request for the arrest records.

In San Bernardino county arrest records are posted online under the Police Department website. The arrest logs are compiled under the Uniform Crime Statistical Data and done per year. To access the date, simply choose the year when the arrests were made and choose the month to narrow down the search. The logs are in PDF format and as such, researchers might need to download the latest PDF reader in order to view the said arrests. Information that one can obtain from the arrest log includes the arrested person’s information, date when the arrest was made, charges, the arresting agency as well as the status of the arrested person.

San Bernardino County Arrest Records

If the arrest was made by other arresting agencies, then you might want to visit the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff compiles a database of inmates that are currently detained in one of the rehabilitation or detention centers in the county. To make an inmate search, simply click on the inmate search navigation bar and indicate the booking number to search by booking, or enter the name if you are interested in searching via name-base. If the search results return nothing, then you can also try the out of custody search to check the list of inmates that were released from the Sheriff’s custody. An OffenderWatch is also made available for those who are interested in searching for sex offenders in the county. Simply click the OffenderWatch tab to start your search. One can search by area, name and city or via non-compliant offenders. You might also wish to check out online search providers that offer public records searches which may be the most convenient way to make searches for public records.

San Bernardino County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:
Via the San Bernardino City Police Department

Via the San Bernardino Sheriff Office

San Bernardino County Sheriff Arrests

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