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San Benito County Arrest Records

If you are in San Benito County and are interested in checking its crime statistics or know someone who was arrested, the first place that you would have to visit is the law enforcement agency that made the arrest. The City of Hollister Police Department is the law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining the peace and safety of the county seat of San Benito and thus is responsible for all criminal records in the city. One may be able to obtain police or incident report(s) if they are victims of crime; however for those who are suspected in the crime, a request for the police report may be denied especially if the report is considered as restricted.

As the police department cannot provide arrest records, another option that is open for those who are in need of the arresting document is to visit the District Attorney Office. The District Attorney’s Office can help one with regards to the San Benito county arrest records that one needs. Simply visit the office during the business hours or contact the office to request for more information.

San Benito County Arrest Records

Another option is by visiting the San Benito Sheriff’s office to request for arrest records or any crime records that were made by the Sheriff’s office. The Office also makes it possible for the public to view the daily activities that the office has responded to through the crime report summary. To access the summary, visit the press log and indicate the date that you are interested in viewing. The report contains all the calls that the office responded to, the case type, area and time, type of disposition and a synopsis of the incident. Do note that not all the data input in the summary report is complete and as such, it is important to verify the said information by contacting the Sheriff’s office.

The correctional facility under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff office is also a good place to check out information on certain inmates and access to information can be retrieved by contacting the two jail facilities. For those who are interested in obtaining records without having to visit the said facilities, they may also contract the services of third party search sites to do the searches for them.

San Benito County Arrest Log

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San Benito County Sheriff Arrests

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