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Sacramento County Arrest Records

The Sacramento Police Department is the first place that one should check if they are interested in looking for arrest records in the county. Sacramento county arrest records are made available by the police department through their Daily Activity Log accessible from the department’s website. To see the activities, one simply has to choose the date they are interested in and one would be able to see the list of activities that the police responded to during the day. Information that one can obtain includes the activity type, time of report, brief summary and booking charges if arrests were made.

On the other hand, if the arrests were made by another law enforcement agency or one wants to access crime records or reports from other areas in the county, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office can be an excellent information database resource. The Sheriff’s website provides an up-to-date media release of any arrest or activity in the county. Aside from this, one can also check the crime report database which contains all crime and incident reports compiled by the office starting from 2007 up to the present. The database is divided into per month and per year making it easier for one to download only the records or reports that they are interested in. Aside from this, the Records and Warrants section is open 24/7 and anyone interested in obtaining or requesting some reports can visit the unit to make their request. The unit provides services such as criminal history review, report copies, crime and incident reports as well as other services.

Sacramento County Arrest Records

For those who are interested in obtaining their local arrest record, they can visit the Sacramento Police department to request for a local criminal record summary. For those who are not residents or live outside the county but are interested in obtaining a copy of their arrest records, they can bring a fingerprint card and forward their request to the Record’s Department for processing. For those who wish to obtain police reports, they must be authorized by the victim before being able to make a request. Only written request are accepted.

Sacramento County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:
Via the Sacramento Police Department:

To obtain police report copy via the Sacramento Police Department:

  • Visit the Sacramento Police Department.
  • Check if the report is available or not considered as restricted.
  • Mail a written request to the Record’s Unit.
  • Provide detailed information such as the report type, number and the victim’s information.

Via the Sacramento County Sherff:

  • Visit the Sacramento County Sheriff Records and Warrants Section
  • Click the Crime Report Database link.
  • Download the report you are interested in.

Sacramento County Sheriff Arrests

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