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Plumas County Arrest Records

The first place to check for a person’s criminal records is the arresting law enforcement agency where the arrest records can be obtained from. For those living in the City of Quincy, Plumas County, these records are made available from the Quincy Police Department. Contact or visit the police department to learn how to obtain arrest records or reports as well as what documents they require you to bring to be able to request for the arrest reports.

Aside from the police department, one can also check with the Sheriff-Coroner’s office if the arrest happens to be outside the jurisdiction of the Quincy Police Department or the arresting agency is far away from where you are currently residing. The sheriff’s office jurisdiction extends throughout the county as well as to the city of Portola and other areas. Aside from this, the office also operates the county jail so booking logs can likewise be requested directly from the office. Simply contact the sheriff-coroner’s office to determine how to proceed with your request.

Plumas County Arrest Records

If the arrest leads to the person being charged, then you might find it fruitful to go ahead and visit the Superior Court of the County. Records search requests through fax and phone are not allowed and only in person and written request are processed. To be able to make a request, download the Record Search Request Information Sheet from the Superior Court’s website. Specify the type of record you are interested in and attach the associated fee. Do note that the court does not provide police or arrest records as well as any confidential records and as such, it is essential for one to contact the clerk court to determine if the records that one needs are not restricted.

Plumas county arrest records are easily available if you know where to look for however, if you have a deadline or want convenience in your search, you might be interested in engaging the services of public records search companies that offer government and other public records online. This is the most convenient and hassle free way for one to access records without having to visit one government agency after another.

Plumas County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:

Via Sheriff Office:


  • Visit the VINELINK System.
  • Indicate the offender ID number and other details such as arresting agency or offender name.

Via Superior Court:

Plumas County Sheriff Arrests

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