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Placer County Arrest Records

If you happen to live in the City of Roseville and are interested in searching for arrest reports, then visiting the Roseville Police Department website or office will be helpful to your concerns. The police website provides a weekly arrest log made by the law enforcement agency that the public can download. The arrest logs are posted for at least a week following the incident. Simply visit the Roseville Police Department website and download the jail booking date you are interested in.

Aside from the police department, one can also check the Sheriff’s website especially if the arresting agency or the incident occurred in a different area of the county. Placer county arrest records are also available from the City jail and are also made available to the public. To access daily booking and release report as well as in-custody reports, one simply has to visit the site and download the PDF report. For first time individuals who are interested in doing an inmate search, the website also provides a guide to help one make a better inmate search.

Placer County Arrest Records

The county jail is also helpful as it provides in-depth information of inmates that are currently incarcerated in the facility. The inmate roster is made available from the website which the public may access any time they want. For those who are interested in a particular person, visiting or contacting the jail facility during business hours is also recommended as the roster is typically composed of almost 500 pages containing info on inmates incarcerated in the facility. There are currently three jail facilities in the county, thus it is important to contact the office first so one would be able to determine which facility holds the record they are interested.

The county courthouse would also be helpful in your quest especially if the arrest progresses to actual filling of charges. The county superior court provides the general public with court cases filed in the county. Open the county court website and click the records request link at the left side navigation bar and follow the guidelines provided. Alternately, one can also make use of third party search vendors to make record research as well as other services.

Placer County Arrest Log

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