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Orange County Arrest Records

Living in Orange County is ideal especially with those who are with family. The Sheriff Department for one makes public records easy to access by providing several units to handle record keeping. The Sheriff Department Records and Information Service Bureau is composed of nine units who directly handle public requests in the county. Aside from this, the Department also maintains a local summary of criminal history information through the Local Arrest Records Systems or LARS for centralized keeping of all criminal records in the County. By visiting the Bureau website Subpoena and Administrative Services unit, one can download a form if they are interested in requesting for a police report. They may also request to have their local arrest records examined as well as having a clearance letter made. On the other hand, the Quality Assurance unit can also help an individual if they are interested in doing verifications on arrest bookings.

Orange County Arrest Records

Another quick way to check whether a person has been arrested is by checking the online website of the Sheriff Department. There, one can access the arrest log by clicking the link and indicating the date that one is interested in checking. Do note that the arrest log search will only reveal arrests made for the last 30 days. All information can be sent to the requester’s email. The website also provides information pertaining to the Orange county arrest records, crime statistics and other information that is compiled by the department for residents to learn what is occurring in their area.

There are some cases where records might not be available especially old records of inmates. If this ever happens to you or during your research, you might also find criminal information and in-custody offenders by clicking the Locate an Inmate link. The link will open a new site where requesters may search the department’s database through a name-based search. Information that can be acquired from the online search tool includes those who are in custody or have just been released from the jail in the last thirty (30) days. Third party search sites can also help those who are interested in doing a bulk search as it is faster and affordable as well.

Orange County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:
Via the Records and Information Service Subpoenas and Administrative Service Unit:

Orange County Sheriff Arrest

Via the Sheriff online website:

Orange County Sheriff Arrests
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