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Nevada County Arrest Records

The Nevada County arrest records are made available to the public through the Sheriff’s Office website. Here, the public can access a collection of the Sheriff’s daily activities report available in PDF format as well as a booking list for the last 30 days. To view the booking list, click the jail media report in the navigation bar.

Input the report date that one is interested in and a list of the bookings will be displayed. Information available includes the inmate’s full name, basic information, booking time and date, booking number as well as the arresting officer. The viewer will also know if the inmate is still in custody as well as the bail amount and the reason for the arrest. The Daily Activity Logs on the other hand contain information on the types of calls and activities that the Sheriff’s Office performs. Details such as the call type, time of the call as well as the summary of the situation or incident that the Sheriff’s office responded to are indicated.

Nevada County Arrest Records

If the arrest records do not contain the information the requester wishes to check, one can also try the correctional facilities in the county. There are currently two correctional facilities in the State – the Wayne Brown and the Truckee correctional facilities. The Truckee facility houses inmates temporarily and those who were already convicted are housed in the Wayne Brown correctional. An online searchable list is available from the Sheriff-Coroner website which the public can access. If the inmate record is not available but requester is sure that the inmate is housed in the said facilities, they may contact the correctional facilities for inquiries or visit the facility during business hours.

Aside from the Sheriff’s Office and the Correctional facility, one may also conduct a request by visiting the County Court if the case is still under court procedure. Some criminal cases may also be requested from the court. Records that are available include minor offenses such as traffic altercations to more serious offenses such as robbery or murder. Contact the court records division to learn how to request for criminal records in the court.

Nevada County Arrest Log

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Nevada County Sheriff Arrests

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