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Napa County Arrest Records

Arrest logs are usually the first criminal record that one would search for to see if the person was arrested in any way in the county. Although arrest reports do not indicate that the person was charged of any crime and are presumed to be innocent, these arrest records can provide one a glimpse to the reason why the person was arrested in the first place. Most arrest logs or documents are available from websites of the county sheriff or the local police department that made the arrest or from the detention center where the offender was placed into custody after an arrest was made.

In Napa county arrest records are available from the Corrections Department County Jail facility. The online site of the Department provides the public with the time when the booking was made, parties involved, arrest information as well as booking charges. Aside from the Correction Department, the Sheriff’s Office can also provide arrest reports if the arrest or warrant was served by them. To request for booking records or arrest warrants, one should visit the Records Division during business hours to make a record request.

Napa County Arrest Records

For those who are interested in being notified when it comes to sex offenders in their area, the Megan’s Law and VINE system can provide victims of sex offenders information on offenders that have resided in the area. To be notified, crime victims should register to the network to be able to receive notification about the offender as well as when they are released from the county’s custody.

Aside from the records mentioned, one can also ask for other public services from the sheriff’s office such as LiveScan fingerprinting services for criminal background checks, renewal of concealed weapon permits, narcotics, and arson as well as sex offender records. For more in-depth information gathering, it is best to visit or contact the Sheriff’s Office records division. Aside from visiting the records division section, one may also engage the services of third party search providers who do records search online. This is the most convenient and efficient way for one to conduct bulk searches.

Napa County Arrest Log

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Napa County Sheriff Arrests

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