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Monterey County Arrest Records

Arrest records are provided to the general public in accordance to the Public Records Act of the State of California Government Code 6254 (f); as such, the public has the right to access and view arrest records or any daily patrol log that the police department or sheriff office has made in its daily activities. Monterey county arrest records for example are available from several government channels, one of which is the Monterey Sheriff’s Office and the other can be requested from the Monterey Police Department.

The sheriff’s website provides the public a daily patrol log of its activities. Here, the public can view the following information: time and date of the report, deputy’s name, charges, suspects, location as well as a short summary of the case. The information provided is only available from 7am until midnight. If the arrest was made by the Police Department, one can check the agency’s website for the daily police log available in PDF format. Arrests and any booking information are removed from the site after a week whereas the Daily Police Log will be removed from the website after 30 days of posting in the site.

Monterey County Arrest Records

Arrest logs do not signify that the arrested person was charged thus, one should not use the arrest logs solely if a person is doing a criminal investigation on another person. Criminal records are also considered essential to any criminal investigation process. For those who are doing a background check on an individual for example, they can visit the Police department for crime and arrest report request(s). The police department can provide information to the requestor if the requests do not infringe any pending investigation or would cause danger to the parties involved in the case. Requester must provide information pertaining to the arrest including the time, date, location and basic information of the person arrested.

The Police Department would be able to provide the following information to the requester – nature of the case, time, date and place, actual incidents or circumstances surrounding the crime, any fatality or weapons involved as well as the victim’s name and age. In some cases, the name of the victim is withheld if he/she is considered a minor.

Monterey County Arrest Log

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Monterey County Sheriff Arrests

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