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Mono County Arrest Records

Arrest logs are essential as these provide vital information pertaining to the cause of the incidents and are often relied on by investigators before any cases are filed in the court. Arrest records are available from several channels including the County Sheriff Coroner Office, Local Police Department as well as from the County Jail Facility. In Mono County arrest records are available from the County Jail Facility which is under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Office.

Aside from contacting the County Jail, another way to request for arrest reports in the County is by visiting the police department that made the arrest. If the offender was arrested by the Mammoth Lakes Police Department, requester can obtain accident or incident report online via visiting the police department’s website. To check for the accident report, simply indicate the report number, offender’s last name as well as the date the accident happened. For those who are interested in obtaining incident reports, indicate the type of report that you want to request such as theft, accident, lost property, burglary or other miscellaneous documents that one needs.
Requesters must be one of the victims or complainant’s guardian or any authorized individual. Indicate the contact details as well as other information that might be helpful to make the transaction faster.

Mono County Arrest Records

Some parts of the report might be left out or restricted from the public if this contains sensitive information that might damage the integrity of the court charges if there are any filed. Records may only be released to those who are authorized or are representatives of the victim. Defendants may receive their copies via their legal counsel or attorney. Authorized individuals should visit the office in-person and provide a valid identification with photo. Cost for the police report is $10.00.

Aside from the arrest reports, police departments may also offer LiveScan fingerprint services for those who are interested in obtaining their own criminal background report. LiveScan fees vary per agency and some do charge rolling fees. It is best to contact the particular police station to know the updated fees. On the other hand, for those who want to obtain criminal records or do criminal background checks may also inquire about such services from commercial public search record companies online.

Mono County Arrest Log

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Mono County Sheriff Arrests

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