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Modoc County Arrest Records

If you are interested in unscathing past criminal histories, the first thing you ought to do is to search for arrest records. Modoc county arrest records for one, contains past crimes of an offender and whether or not a case was filed against the said person. Although the arrest does not attest to the fact that the offender is convicted of any crime, it is still important to learn the reason why they were arrested. One can check these arrest records from the local law enforcement agency or from their Sheriff’s office. Another option is by visiting the county jail where the person is currently in custody.

In order for one to obtain these arrest reports or any inmate information, they must provide details such as the offender’s full name, booking date as well as birth date. Aside from arrest records, one can also learn about arrest warrants and if the Sheriff’s Office has any outstanding arrest warrant for that particular person. One can visit the county jail or access reports that are deemed as public records online.

Modoc County Arrest Records

Those who are looking for criminal records may also check out the county court house for court cases. Most records are available to the public such as arrests, convictions or felonies. However, some records may be restricted from the public if they contain sensitive information. If you are after these types of records, it is best to visit the court house and make a personal request for the said records.

Aside from these services, the sheriff office also provides the public with a list of the most wanted persons in the county and a link to the state-wide network system called “VINELINK”. The system allows crime victims to receive notifications about the status of the offender as well as whether or not they are still in the custody of the county jail.

If you or one of your family members is a victim of a crime, registering in the VINELINK system will allow you to track future court hearings, charges, sentences, custody as well as an estimate of the date the offender will be release. You might also be interested in checking out commercial public search record providers that also offer public records search online.

Modoc County Arrest Log

For those who wish to obtain an arrest report, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the Modoc County Sheriff Office.
  • Contact the Records Division.
  • Provide details about the arrest including the offender name, victim’s name, location and date when the incident happened.

Modoc County Sheriff Arrests

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