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Merced County Arrest Records

The Merced Sheriff Department provides information for those individuals who are interested in obtaining crime information in the county. For those who wish to check whether a person is in custody or a person has been arrested, they can contact the in-custody division during business hours for the said service. Aside from Merced county arrest records, requesters may also obtain a copy of criminal report by visiting the Sheriff’s station or one of its sub stations in Los Banos or Delhi. Do note the business hours that the sub stations can accept request as well as the documents that you need to provide.

To be able to obtain crime reports from the Sheriff’s office, the requester must provide the following information to the person responsible for the release of the information. Requester must provide the case number if available, the offender’s last name, victim’s last name, date, time and place where the crime happened.

Merced County Arrest Records

Another place where one can find crime information or offender information from is through the Merced County Main Jail Facility or the John Latorraca Correctional facility. Information available includes the visiting time, release date and other inmate details. The office is open Mondays through Fridays from 8:00am to 5:00pm. It is best to call the office first for a list of requirements you needed before dropping by in person.

Aside from the services offered above, one can also find information with regards to the most wanted individuals in the county, missing persons, unsolved cases, as well as those who were convicted of sex crimes. The sheriff office provides a link to the Megan Law site where sex offenders from the county and the state are listed. High risk offenders in the county are also available online and can be accessed from the official website of the sheriff’s office.

For those who might be interested in searching for criminal records in the county or want to do a background criminal check, they may also engage the services of third party search providers found online. These providers can provide bulk services of criminal searches and other public records that one needs. To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the searches, transact only with reputable providers.

Merced County Arrest Log

For those who wish to obtain an arrest report, follow the instructions below:

Merced County Sheriff Arrests

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