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Los Angeles County Arrest Records

Access to Los Angeles county arrest records are made available through several government channels. First would be the Los Angeles Police Department. One can visit the police department if they were arrested by the law enforcement agency. Types of public records that are available for request include arrest logs, statistics, and crime/accident reports. These records are considered as public documents as per the California Government Code 6250. These records maybe requested from the Los Angeles Police Department by contacting the police department, providing the necessary information and leaving their contact information for notification.

Los Angeles County Arrest Records


On the other hand, if the arrest was made in other areas of Los Angeles, another option is to visit the Sheriff’s Office. Depending on the request of the person, one may visit the Correspondence Unit, Public Service Unit or the Information Retrieval Unit. These government units can help requestors who are in need of criminal records, summary of criminal history information, police reports and other criminal documents. Cost for the record request starts at $25 (when booking number is provided) and $45 (if booking number is not provided). Aside from booking information or public record request, other services that are available and provided by the Sheriff’s Office includes fingerprint scan and background checks.

Another option that one can also try includes visiting the Superior Court of California-LA County Archives and Records Center. The center provides copies of court documents such as dissolutions, civil cases and criminal cases. Each request order would need a case number and can be retrieved by contacting the civil index clerk court. Requests are free however; searches that last longer than the said time period will incur $15 search fee/name. Requestors may purchase court document copies by visiting the Archives and Records center or by mailing in a request. Additional fees may be charged if the copies require certification or are for official use.

Los Angeles County Arrest Log

For those who wish to obtain an arrest report, follow the instructions below:
Obtaining arrest reports from the Sheriff’s Office:

  • Visit the Records and Identification Bureau Public Services Unit or write a request and address it to the Correspondence Unit.
  • Visit the Juvenile Court to request for Juvenile Arrest Reports.
  • Follow the instructions provided.
  • Check for the updated fees.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Arrests

Obtaining police reports from Los Angeles Police Department:

Los Angeles County Criminal Background Check
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