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Lassen County Arrest Records

Lassen County is one of the Californian counties located at the northeast part of the State. For those who suspect that someone they know was arrested or they themselves have records in the county and want to see the case, they can visit the Superior Court of the California Lassen County branch. The Superior Court provides an online search tool in the court’s website that the public can use to access court cases. Some cases maybe restricted and kept confidential depending on the nature of the case. With that said, this is a good way of checking court records first before heading to the court in person to make a request.

To start your online search, click the “general information” tab and choose the “online case index”. Fill in the required information and click the “search” button to begin your search. If the records are not available online, the next step would be to make a request or visit the court clerk in person especially if you are interested in obtaining criminal records.

Lassen County Arrest Records

Do note that court clerks are not allowed to provide information over the phone and as such it is important to visit or make a request for the reports that you are interested in. Payment for the record varies and it is advisable to check the Statewide Civil Fee Schedule to know the updated fee(s). Cost for a certified copy is $25 and each succeeding copy is $0.50 for a one-sided page. Remember to include the contact information of the requestor as well as the details of the court case that you are interested in.

Aside from the superior court, one can also check out other government agencies in the county. The Sheriff Office is one of the places that are worthwhile to visit if you are interested to check out Lassen County arrest records. The Sheriff’s department also has a 24-hour secure adult detention facility which can house offenders or Correctional inmates. Aside from this, the Sheriff department is also connected to the VINE network which is a network that helps crime victims obtain accurate and real time information about criminal cases and the current custody status of the offender they are interested in. Crime victims will only have to register to be able to access the VINE Link network.

Lassen County Arrest Log

For those who wish to obtain an arrest report, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the Lassen County Superior Court
  • Write or visit the clerk’s office for the request of the criminal records.
  • Attach a self-addressed stamped envelope with the requestor’s contact details.
  • Attach a check for $25.
  • Drop the written request in person or mail in the request to the court clerk’s office.

Lassen County Sheriff Arrest Log

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