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Lake County Arrest Records

Lake County arrest records are available from the Office of the Sheriff and can be conveniently accessed by indicating the name or booking date when the arrest was made. Unlike other county offices, recent arrests are made available via the Inmate Daily Booking Log. The Office also makes available booking logs from as far back as 2003 up to the present. Researchers who are interested in the booking logs would just simply have to enter the booking date for a list of the arrests made on the said date. For records that date back before 2003, researchers can request for the information via submitting an Application for Release of Information form to the Records division. Some records maybe restricted from release depending on the status of the reports. The Office will contact the requestor if the request is approved or denied as well as the reason for the denial.

Aside from the daily booking log, the public also has access to inmates and the most wanted individuals in the county. Simply click the “Inmate search”, fill in the information needed and start the search. The most wanted list contains individuals that are considered by the County as offenders. The photo and type of crime committed are also indicated. Another public service that is available is the VINE System which is a country-wide system used by law enforcement agencies to log in details of registered offenders. Crime victims can also register and request for notification for real time activities of their crime perpetrators in the area.

Lake County Arrest Records

One can also apply for background checks from the Sheriff’s office by simply downloading the “Application for background check” form. Fill in the information required and check to ensure that all the necessary information are provided before dropping the form in person or mailing the application to the Sheriff’s Office. For other crime reports or criminal cases, court cases may also provide some help. One can request for court cases from the Superior Court of California, Lake County Clerk Court. Another alternative is to avail of the services of third party search providers who can also provide comprehensive criminal reports and other legal documents.

Lake County Arrest Log

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Lake County Sheriff Arrests

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