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Kings County Arrest Records

Kings County makes booking and inmate information easier by having the information available in their site. The Kings County arrest records or booking list of up to 72 hours are available at the site in text format or in raw ASCII form. Current inmate lists are also available at the site and in raw ASCII and can be saved as document to your computer. To download the arrests list, simply click the 72-hour booking list or the current inmate list and check for the offender or inmate you are interested in or simply save the file for later use. For daily logs of arrest reports, one can also visit the Media Log page to see the latest arrest(s) made by the Sheriff’s Office.

Aside from the booking and inmate list, one can also make use of the OffenderWatch search available at the site. This can help individuals as well as those who were victims of crimes to see real time information about the offender and also notify the authorities in the instance that the said offender is in the specified radius determined by the victim. Anyone can register and provide as many addresses as they want to the OffenderWatch program confidentially.

Kings County Arrest Records

Court records or criminal cases may also be helpful for those who are interested in doing background checks and can be requested from the Superior Court of California County of Kings. To be able to make a request, it is important to check the branch as the Superior Court has four distinct branches in the county. Some records or court cases might also be restricted and as such, contact or visit the Superior Court Clerk for more information on the criminal records that you are interested in.

For background checks, Californian residents may visit the Department of Justice or visit its online site. Each processing costs about $25 and for those who request a detailed and official background check, fingerprint services are made available from the Department as well as to any LiveScan operators in the State. Third party search providers are also available for those who want to carry out some criminal arrest records search or background check.

King County Arrest Log

For those who wish to obtain an arrest report, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the King County Sheriff Office.
  • Click the Media Log for the daily arrest logs.
  • Click the Booking and Inmate Info to retrieve 72-hours booking list or the Current inmate list.
  • Click the Sex Offender Search to make an offender search.

Kings County Sheriff Arrests

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