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Kern County Arrest Records

Arrest and booking charges are available from the Kern County Arrest Records Unit for those individuals who are interested in obtaining a copy of the arrest report. Aside from Kern County arrest records, arrest warrants are also available as well as local criminal history record.

Arrest records of those individuals who were arrested in the California State can request for a copy of their criminal records by accomplishing a Request for LiveScan Service form that is downloadable from the Sheriff’s website. Once the form is completed, one can submit the form by visiting the Office or any LiveScan facilities. The fingerprints are taken and a $25 state fee is charged as well as a rolling fee of $10.

Kern County Arrest Records

On the other hand, those who want to purchase their own booking photo may do so by visiting the Sheriff’s Records unit and presenting a valid ID. Fee is $5. These arrest/booking photos are not available to the public or other media representative.

If on the other hand one is interested in obtaining a crime report or record, copies may be released if the person is one of the victim(s) or their representative. Some crime reports are restricted from the public including those records with juveniles, sexual assault cases, suicide or mental health problems as well as domestic abuses. Aside from these records, repossessed vehicles or stolen vehicle reports are also made available for $15.00.

Aside from these reports, the Sheriff’s Office also made available clearance letters or Letters of Good Conduct for those who wish to obtain one. Each request is $5 and requestors must visit the Office personally and present a valid ID with their own notary with them.

For those individuals who are concerned about their records and want to seal or destroy their arrest records, they may do so by contacting the Records Office. For requestors who have no court appearance or no court case filed against them, they may visit the law enforcement agency that made the arrest within 2 years since the incident. If a court case was filed and the requestor appeared before the court and was found innocent, they must file the petition within the last two years to the court of jurisdiction as well as to the DA’s office.

Kern County Arrest Log

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Kern County Sheriff Arrests

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