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Inyo County Arrest Records

The Sheriff’s Office is the first stop for any person who is interested in obtaining a police record or arrest report. Inyo County arrest records are available for the Office of Sheriff Records division. The Office of the Sheriff was formulated in 1866 as the Office of Sheriff and Tax Collector. Today, the office services about 18,000 residents not to mention non-residents.

To request for a record from the Sheriff’s Office, an individual may visit the Records Supervisor Office during office hours from Tuesdays through Fridays. The Sheriff report is available for release to any authorized individual though some reports such as sex related or records with juveniles as offenders are restricted and only released to law enforcement agencies. Individuals who are allowed to request for copies include those who are involved in the case themselves, attorneys or any representative of the victim. Cost for the report is $10.00 per copy.

Inyo County Arrest Records

Aside from arrest records, the Sheriff’s Office also provides Livescan Fingerprint services. The service is a by appointment only service; as such it is important for those who are interested to obtain a copy of their criminal records to call the Civil Officer or the Records Clerk office to set an appointment. Fees vary depending on the service that one would require.

For those who wish to get information pertaining to an inmate, the Inyo County Jail is the place to contact to for that information. The Inyo County jail is the only correctional facility available in the county. Aside from inmate information, requestors may also visit the inmates every weekend.

Criminal cases may also be obtained from the Superior Court of California in Inyo. Court cases involving any traffic infraction may be requested by emailing the court. Requestors must include key information such as the case number, citation number as well as any contact details. Processing can be done for a day depending on the volume, though it is best to let one day pass before re-submitting the request.

For other criminal records or public records, one may also check out third party search providers that do offer such services for the general public Simply type in the request report you are interested in and several services will be displayed.

Inyo County Arrest Reports

For those who wish to obtain an arrest report, follow the instructions below:

  • Inyo Sheriff’s Office.
  • Contact the Records Division to check if the report is available for release.
  • Provide the information needed.
  • Payment of $10.00 per report will be charged.

Inyo County Background Check

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