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Imperial County Arrest Records

Searching Imperial county arrest records is easy and in fact, quite stress-free as one can access all the information that one needs by visiting the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Records division retains all reports in the county including booking, arrest reports, crime and arrest and they process other legal documents as well. Aside from these, they also provide other services such as LiveScan fingerprint services, registration for sex, arson and narcotic offenders, release of impounded vehicles. Warrant information and local criminal history information services.

Requestors who are interested in incident reports or obtaining crime reports may download the Application for Crime/Incident Report available from the website of the Sheriff’s Office. Indicate the applicant number, contact details and the type of incident or report that one is interested in. Cost differs and as such do contact the Records Division Office for the updated fee for the records request.

Imperial County Arrest Records

Aside from the arrest report request, one may also request for criminal clearance; simply download the application form made available through the same site. Record request costs $58 to $87 depending on the total number of pages that will be generated. Do attach a valid identification ID for verification purposes. Also check whether the request will be mailed or will be picked-up by the applicant themselves. Bring the form to the nearest LiveScan fingerprinting agency or to the local police department to have fingerprint scanning done.

The Sheriff’s Office also provides services for those victims of a crime through the VINE System. Victims can avail of the service to track down and learn custody status of offenders and can also receive notification from the system if there are any changes to the offender’s custody status.

For those who are interested in court cases, they can also check the Superior Court of the County and request for court records from the county clerk’s office or check out the online services provide in the website. Other ways to obtain information is by availing of third party search providers who can do a complete search of the records one might need in a fast and timely manner.

Imperial County Arrest Log

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Imperial County Sheriff Arrests

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