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Humboldt County Arrest Records

The Sheriff’s Office in Humboldt is the best place for one to check out arrest reports and other criminal records in the county. The Office has one main station in Eureka and three outstations located at Hoopa, Garberville and McKinleyville. Aside from these patrol areas, the office also has five resident deputy posts that patrol different areas in the county making it safer for its residents as well as non-residents.

Requestors who are interested in obtaining a Humboldt county arrest records may request the said reports from the Records Section. Download the Request for records form available online and fill in the fields required. A case number or SA number is required as well, however, if these are not available, indicate the name of the person and check whether the person is a victim, a suspect or others. Indicate the date, time and location when the arrest was made and other additional information that might be helpful to the retrieval process. A fee may be required to process the request. Contact the Sheriff’s office for the updated fee table.

Humboldt County Arrest Records

Aside from this option, the online site also provides other services which can provide helpful information for researchers. The site offers inmate search through the VINE system, a jail system report and information pertaining to the most wanted persons in the county. The site provides a link to the US Immigration and Custom Enforcement Most Wanted List so one can browse the site to check for possible offenders they are doing their research in.

On the other hand, another way to check out criminal records is by checking out court cases which are made available from the Superior Court of the County. One can request in person or via sending of a request through mail. Record fees depend on the number of the copies that one wants though a single copy will cost $.50 per page. Certified copies would cost $25.00 with additional $.50 per page. For those who would be doing a mail request, attach a self-addressed stamped envelope together with the request and the contact details of the requestor included.

Humboldt County Arrest Log

For those who wish to obtain an arrest report, follow the instructions below:

Humboldt County Sheriff Arrests