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El Dorado County Arrest Records

The Sheriff’s Office of El Dorado makes it easier for a person to request for public records in the county by providing the public with several ways to obtain these records. El Dorado arrest records for example are made available from the Sheriff’s Record Division. All the records are obtained and compiled from all the places in the County thus requestors no longer have to visit their local law enforcement agency or those agencies assigned to the case to request for reports. To be able to request for services it is important that one sets an appointment with the Records Division as most services would require one.

To request for reports, simply fill in the form made available from the Sheriff’s website and send it through email, mail, fax or in-person. Each report costs about $10 each and would take about 10 working days to be completed. Clearance letters or local background checks are also another service provided by the Sheriff’s Office for those individuals who wish to check their own criminal history. Cost for the clearance letter is $30.00. For a local criminal history report or arrest record, cost will be $10. Persons requesting the report must provide a valid ID to be able to make the request.

El Dorado County Arrest Records

Another way to check for arrest records or crime logs is by visiting the Records Division of the local Police Department. One can check out the City of Placerville Police Department to search for criminal records in the city. Another way is to visit the South Lake Tahoe Police Department. The Police Department provides an online search tool for accident reports and other public records document. These two police departments can fundamentally help researchers to gather criminal information in the county.

Aside from these government agencies, there is another way to conveniently obtain arrest records which one can avail of without leaving the comforts of their home or office. Internet search providers or companies are now available and can provide such services for nominal fee. The transactions are made easier as one only has to provide basic information and let the search provider process the information. Retrieval of results can be as fast as a few hours’ time or a few days which is shorter than the regular government processing time.

El Dorado County Arrest Log

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El Dorado County Sheriff Arrests

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