Social Media, The New Place for Bullies

The three commonly visited social networks include Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. But the vastly visited social media site is Facebook where almost everybody registers to it. You got to be cautious though as parent because there are a lot of bullies present on these social media sites. You just got to monitor the online activities of your kids because they don’t normally tell you when they are being bullied already. And they are left miserable, some of them have committed suicide or inflict violence to other people which surely you don’t want to happen to them.

Online Bully California

What’s The Basis for Quality Hires and Proper Background Checking

You should be able to assess well whether or not the Human Resource department of your company is doing well in terms of recruitment. Here are some of the red flags of job applicants. First, inconsistencies or misrepresentations on resume. Second, legal issues of applicants that are not detected immediately. Third, individuals with records on theft have been accepted. These are just a few of the things which screening team should be looking into. Here are some more details outlined on the infographic below.

Screen Employee Arrest

Drugs Tested on Animals Before Being Used by Humans

The irony in today’s testing of drugs is that the animals are being used to test it first before the humans do. In other words, if something is wrong with a particular drug the animal will definitely die. Here’s one nasty fact, more than 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in America laboratories every single year. That’s the sign of cruelty that they do to the animals out there. Note that they can be punished by law and so if you noticed anything suspicious, do not hesitate to call the authorities.

Animal Harassment Arrest

The Development of Online Dating in Today’s Time

Online dating is the new trend nowadays. People meet up over the Internet for a lot of reasons, some are looking seriously for romantic partners while some are out there to ruin other people’s lives. The bad news about it is that some people tend to fake or exaggerate their profile information with the intention to mislead the people to decieve them into keeping in touch with them. It is very unfortunate but it is the truth that these online dating sites bring to millions of online users all over the world.

Internet Users Arrest

Truth About Women Experience Domestic Violence

The hard truth is that 40% of California women has experienced physical intimate partner violence in their lifetimes. As a matter of fact, domestic violence shelters serve almost 5,800 women and children. This means that domestic violence has been very rampant these days to the point that its impact has become huge to the extent that more women have became victims of it. See more data which relate to the domestic violence issue in the community.

Domestic Violence Arrest


Cyber Security Tips To Ensure The Safety of your Data

It is not very secure to store important data over the net nowadays. Scammers and hackers are all up to do their job in stealing vital information about the individuals. There are 10 tips which you can implement or apply to make sure that your files will be protected completely. These are the following areas which you need to be working on. They include network security, malware prevention, monitoring, incident management, user education and awareness, home and mobile working. See more details about it through the infographic below.

Cyber Safety Arrest


How to Stop Spear Phishing

What is spear phishing? Well, technically, it is a scam that is directed to you or a department. So, how do you stop it? You stop it by not opening any attachment in the email and by not clicking on any website links provided in the message. You must carefully examine the email. If it comes from someone you do not know then beware of it for you can definitely be decieved if you do not carefully take a look at every email you get. You should identify the red flags and then report immediately to the authorities.

Spear Phishing Arrest


The Modern Approach to Recruitment

Companies and organizations now have setup a modern-day method of recruiting. They have started practicing the following activities including fostering communities, open dialogue, transparent communications, influenced by your employees, and brand management. Over time, a lot of loopholes were seen and now being used as a case study in order to improve the current state of recruitment. See infographic below for further details.

Wrong Recruitment Arrest


The Golden Rules To Online Dating

Some people say to use your mind more than your heart is I believe a very good defense to sheild yourself from the scammers and opportunists over the web. There are rules which you must follow when you want to engage in online dating. If he or she tries to ask money from you then you should remove that person from your list. Nobody wants to give money to a complete stranger. Don’t give out personal information like bank accounts or credit card accounts. These are few of the reminders which you need to keep in mind while looking for something to date online.

Scam Rules Arrest


How To Go Against Cyber Exploitation Nowadays

Cyber exploitation is morally degrading, it is going to destroy your reputation and your soul in the process and eventually makes you very weak and it badly lowers your self-esteem. So what do you do if unfortunately you became a victim of such an abuse already? First, you have to keep the evidences which you can present in court such screenshots, texts, email and others. Second, create search engine alerts. Third, get should legal help. Fourth, removal process like requesting the intimate photos be removed from the Internet.

Cyber Abuse Arrest


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