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Colusa County Arrest Records

Crime reports or police reports provide important information pertaining to an incident and can be valuable sources of evidence when a case is filed. Although not all police reports result to court cases, it is an important means for those who are researching an individual or doing a statistical data report. Most counties in fact have these data compiled and submitted to the Department of Justice especially records pertaining to sex offenders who live in the county.

Most of these records, especially arrest reports are available to the general public and can be requested for free if the requestor is a victim of the crime. Colusa county arrest records for example are available for crime victims free of charge. They can visit the Sheriff’s office from Monday through Friday at 8am to 4:30pm or call the Sheriff’s Office for more information.

Colusa County Arrest Records

Aside from police reports, the public can also visit the Superior Court of Colusa if they are interested in checking out a court record. An online case index search form is available and all the researcher has to do is to input all the necessary information such as the case number, filing date and the type of case.

For those who are interested in checking out sex offenders living in their area or want to know more about sex offenders, they can visit the Office of the Attorney General website. Simply click on the link to be taken to the National Sex Offender search and indicate the name of the offender to start the search.

Some other ways to obtain criminal records include registering for the County Jail VINE services especially for those who are victims of crime. One can also call to determine the custody status of the offender as well as the current location. Third party search sites in the internet also provide a fast and convenient way of retrieving criminal records information and researchers can opt to avail of these services to make their research easier.

Colusa County Arrest Log

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Colusa County Sheriff Arrest Log

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