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Calaveras County Arrest Records

Whether you are looking for criminal records or want to do background checks, you will want to get legitimate records from a reliable resource. This can be from your local police enforcement agency, the FBI or even from one of the reputable online search sites that offer such services.

Source documents such as arrest reports can be vital to your search as they contain information pertaining to the reason of the arrest, persons involved as well as the time and location where it happened. Calaveras County arrest records for example are available from the Sheriff’s Office and can be requested by visiting or contacting the Office.

Calaveras County Arrest Records

Some arrest reports are also available for viewing by visiting the online website of the Sheriff and clicking on the Sheriff’s Log. The Log is divided into Daily Logs which contain the list of calls that the Sheriff’s Office has received and responded to whereas the Booking Logs contain persons that were arrested and booked in the office.
Aside from arrest logs, another way to look at a person’s arrest records is by doing a background check on the person. Court records can enable one to learn about the criminal history of an individual as well. These records are made available through the Calaveras County Superior Court. One can visit or contact the court clerk’s office for more information on how to obtain court records or criminal records of a person or for oneself.

Luckily though, aside from the Superior Court and the Sheriff’s Office, other resources are also available for one’s perusal. For those who want to check an inmate’s status, they can visit the Department of Corrections website where an online inmate locator search tool is available. Simply indicate the inmate’s name or ID number to check the inmate’s status. The Department of Justice website on the other hand provides the public with an online sex offender registry. This registry contains information on the sex offenders in the State. Another way to search records of a person is through the use of third party search providers that do offer such services. They can provide information on the person in a fast and efficient manner making it easier for one to do background check on a person or oneself easily.

Calaveras County Arrest Log

For those who wish to obtain an arrest report, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Copy the contact information including the current address, phone number and business hours.
  • Contact the Sheriff for more information or check the Daily Logs provided in the site

Calaveras County Sheriff Arrests

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