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Butte County Arrest Records

If someone you know has been arrested, you can definitely make a request for a copy of an arrest report. An arrest report or commonly called as an arrest log contains a documented report of the arrest made. These types of reports are considered as public records and therefore are available when one makes a request for it. In Butte county arrest records, for example are available from the Sheriff’s Office.

An arrest report or commonly called as an arrest log contains a documented report of the arrests being made. It lists down what the arrest is all about, when it happened, the persons involved as well as the time the arrest was made. This is important especially when there is a dispute or one needs to prove their innocence of the crime. Aside from the fact that it can help the parties involved in the said offense, the reports are also relevant to other law enforcement agencies as it can serve as part of the person’s criminal history record.

Butte County Arrest Records

In Butte County, arrest logs are uploaded in the official website of the County Sheriff. The report is available in PDF and can be downloaded directly from the site. On the other hand, if you want a copy of the public log, simply request one from the office. The cost of the public log is $1/page. Those who want to request for their own local arrest record report, may do so by visiting the Records division during business hours to make the request. The cost for the record is $57.

Aside from arrest records, one can also avail of other services made available by the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office provides information pertaining to civil services such as restraining orders, inmate information, perform LiveScan fingerprint as well as provide reports for abuse, complaints and other requests.

To make it easier for the public, there are search engines online that provide arrest records for free. Statistical data such as type of crime committed, areas where the crime rate is high, demographics and other information are also made available which might prove useful for those who are doing detailed researches.

Butte County Arrest Log

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Butte County Sheriff Arrests

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