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Amador County Arrest Records

Reports such as incidents or citations are essential documents which can help a person determine the cause of the arrest of a person or a perpetrator. Aside from the fact that the reports details the arrest information, it also provides public information about the said person (s) and would help them be more vigilant and aware. Amador county arrest records are available from the County Sheriff’s Office. These records may be requested from the former, via submission of a request form that can be downloaded from the County Sheriff’s website.

Once the requestor downloads the form, they can fill it up and submit it to the Records Division Office. It would take about two weeks for the reports to be processed depending on the volume of reports the office may receive.

San Jose County Arrest Records

Requestors would receive the following information: time or location of the complaint, nature of the arrest/response, date of the report, victim’s name (except when exempted) and the actual record of the incident.

Aside from incidence report, other service that may be availed includes Character letter ($5), Local criminal check (free), Live Scanning ($15 – residents and $30 – non-residents) booking and release information (free). On the other hand, for those who are interested to view court records of a particular case, they can also visit the Superior Court website or visit the Criminal Division section.

Amador County Arrest Reports

For those who wish to obtain an incident report, follow the instruction below:

For those who are interested in obtaining a copy of their local criminal history, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Sheriff’s Office Services
  • Download the Character Letter Form
  • Indicate whether for pick up or for mail
  • For pick up, visit the Sheriff’s Office and pay the $5 fee
  • The Sheriff’s Office will contact the requestor if the letter is available for pick up

Amador County Sheriff Arrests

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