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Alpine County Arrest Records

Arrest warrants are usually issued for many reasons by the police though mainly when a crime is committed by a person and he/she is still at large. Arrest warrants are not only used to apprehend perpetrators but also so that law enforcement agencies would be able to talk with witnesses to the crime. Information obtained from the warrants is then filed in the arrest reports. Alpine County arrest records are available from the Alpine Sheriff Office and one can call or visit the Sheriff to request for such information.

Another way to check for arrest records or to determine if the person is wanted by the law or is a registered offender is by going through the online website of the Sheriff Office which maintains an Offender Watch database where registered offenders are monitored by the law enforcers. Here, citizens as well as those interested in doing some research could find details about the offender’s activities as well as their current whereabouts in the county.

Alpine County Arrest Records

For those who are interested in doing a criminal background check in the county, they can find such details by visiting the Court Recorder Office useful for researches. The Office maintains criminal records as far as the 1800s. One can also make a request by filling an online form. A criminal history record can be requested despite the restrictions by the law in California. One can only get access through it by complying with all the guidelines imposed in Alpine. For those who wish to obtain another person’s criminal background report, they can check out other internet search providers that offer such services. Basic reports are free whereas comprehensive records are available for a nominal fee.

Alpine County Arrest Log

For those who are interested in obtaining arrest records or any public records in Alpine County, follow the steps provided below:

  • Visit the Alpine County website
  • Copy the contact details of the two County Sheriff Office
  • Ask for information pertaining to public records request

On the other hand, for those who wish to check for criminal records or check out registered sex offenders in the county, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the California Department of Corrections
  • Click on the search tool to start the Inmate Locator
  • Fill in the required information
  • Click to start search

Alpine County Sheriff Arrests

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